Labels and textile labels are used in the clothing industry, according to the standards they must contain information about the product, such as composition, rules of washing, etc. The most popular is nylon taffeta because of low costs. For elegant collections and children's clothing and underwear, satin is used. In industry, polyester taffeta is increasingly used due to their high operating temperatures.

Types of woven labels and labels:

 a) nylon  - is a very nice material and pleasant to the touch. It is very durable, does not crease, is light and dries quickly. Nylon is widely used for the production of clothing and sportswear.

b) satin - is recommended for marking underwear and other products that have direct contact with the skin. On the one hand, shiny, on the other satin, it looks very elegant and adapts perfectly to the body.

c) polyester  - it is very durable, resistant to high temperatures. Printed woven labels can fulfill various functions, among them you can find tags showing the product's brand, size labels, as well as care labels informing about indicated washing techniques.

d) textile labels with glue - they are used to mark products to which stitching is not possible.

e) TYVEC - a lightweight, waterproof and durable material. It looks like creased paper, but combines the features of paper, foil, plastic and textile base. It is stronger than natural leather.