Data terminals are devices used to perform all mobile operations. They allow you to identify and collect information without using a desktop computer. Most often have their own software that allows you to implement selected tasks.

Bar code readers allow you to read coded information from labels and send to a connected external device, such as a computer, cash register, scales, etc. Thanks to readers, work becomes faster and more efficient. The devices offered by us are characterized by a high level of durability and reliability of operation supported by appropriate standards. They use a touch screen or a screen and a built-in keyboard to communicate with the user. To easily capture and identify information, they are equipped with built-in code readers, RFID readers, and digital cameras. For data exchange and connection with other devices, they use WLAN, Bluetooth® or cable connection, eg using a docking station.

Wheelchair terminals are devices designed to operate in the most difficult conditions. The trolley terminals have been designed for mounting on vehicles moving through warehouses, construction sites, factory halls, regardless of dustiness or atmospheric conditions. They provide a higher level of processes supported by forklifts, they are an ideal solution when the speed and accuracy of the tasks are important. Saving time results from the elimination of the need to remove and store the device.