The tags perfectly fulfill the information functions, and its production values ​​underline the attractiveness of the product brand, which is why they have a wide range of applications in the textile industry, gardening. Very often they are used as season tickets, entry tickets. They can have different sizes and shapes.

Types of tags:

a) cardboard tags - intended for marking products in retail trade. You can place a bar code, logo and text on them. They display the brand of the product.

b) synthetic tags - used everywhere where it is not possible to use self-adhesive labels, that is, to mark goods, among others in gardening, wood industry or steel industry. Synthetic tags are resistant to tearing and crushing as well as to weather conditions.

c) tickets, passes - are a great product for authentication and access control in urban transport, mass events, festivals and sports stadiums. They provide convenience and speed for the consumer, and at the same time provide the opportunity to provide the organizers / suppliers with key customer data. Tickets are made with a special technology that allows their long-term storage and use in adverse weather conditions.

d) cardboard valuables - they are used in stores. This type of label may have different dimensions adapted to price strips.