The wax tape is intended only for printing on matte paper labels. It can not be printed with foil labels because the print will be unstable and less resistant to abrasion. It is ideal for general purpose applications where there are no special requirements for the durability of the print. It is the cheapest, most popular and most frequently used tape.

Wax - resin

The wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon is designed for printing paper semi-reflective labels. Thanks to the high resistance to abrasion and smudging, tracing paper can be used on a wide range of consumables. In addition, the tape ensures the durability of printing on the labels, protecting it from the adverse effects of many popular chemicals and solvents.


The resin ribbon tape is dedicated for applications that require perfect print quality. Due to the high resistance to abrasion, extreme temperatures and chemical agents, the resin ribbon is ideal for use in difficult and demanding conditions. The ink ensures high quality printing of all types of bar codes, very small text, large characters and graphics.